The secret of unity

 The secret of unity is a fiction novel in the genre of magical realism. This book has a mystical theme and a philosophy of Tao or None-Duality.

 The book begins in Russia in 2021 with a slow rhythm from the first-person perspective of a man named Alex.  Alex is a pharmacist working in a laboratory in the Siberian region of Russia.

 Once the coronavirus starts, the lab is asked to work on a fungus called Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

 Alex and his colleague Irina, a neuroscientist, accidentally discover a hallucinogenic compound while researching the fungus, which allows one to experience another person's perceptual and emotional experience.  This substance arouses the curiosity of both of them and they start using it in different situations and share their experiences.

 This book has sexual content and is not suitable for people under 18 years old.

 Part of the book:

 I put a drop of the new compound I had made on my finger with a little fear and obsession, and sat down on a chair and waited.

 It did not take long for the atmosphere around me to change completely.  I was sitting in Yana's bedroom, looking out the window.  It was a strange feeling. I looked at my hands, "My God, these are Yanna's hands."

 I was having the strangest experience of my life.  Although I knew and was fully aware of the experiment and my memory was present, I was fully experiencing Yana's feelings and physical presence at the moment.  "Oh, how can I be two in a moment!"

 I knew everything that was going on in Yana's mind.  I could experience not only her thoughts but also her feelings.

 A strong feeling of inattention, fear, and anxiety intensified in me.  I felt something like tingling and emptiness in my stomach.  I had tears in my eyes and images and thoughts came to my mind one after another.

 It was hard for me to believe, I was not only in her mind but I also knew that I was in her mind, which means I had access to a part of my mind but not to all parts.  The parts of my brain that belonged to the five senses were completely disabled, and I only had access to the part of my memory that knew who I was.  Another interesting point was that I was not able to control Yana's voluntary parts and could only experience and understand what she was experiencing.  I could not think of anything new or get up and do anything.  I was completely paralyzed and could only feel what was happening to her.

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