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When we talk about evolution, it evokes Darwin and his controversial idea.
Darwin in 1835 after a trip to the Galapagos Islands, Influenced by the strange animals of this region, he wrote a book that is the main basis of an important theory called [theory of natural selection].
This is a theory that many.
Natural selection has been used in genetics, medicine, psychology, neuroscience, and many other sciences to justify many behaviors of humans and other living organisms.
In the first chapter of this book, I briefly describe the theory of natural selection and its relation to reproduction.
In the second chapter, we are a little acquainted with the function of the human mind, value systems, ethics and will, which are the basis of wise choice, and now we, the human beings, more or less benefit from it.
In the third chapter, we will get acquainted with artificial intelligence and make some predictions, and then we will examine its effect on changing sexual relations, the future of the next generation, and choosing a spouse and partner, which I named the Theory Of Intelligent Selection.
Because it will no longer be natural or wise, but very intelligent and with the help of artificial intelligence in the not too distant future.