My Projects

Through all these years of working, especially since the registration of Faradade, I developed the idea of several projects which have been successful. When I felt there was a problem, I brought up an idea to cover that weak point. Thus, I launched a new startup for each idea to address the requirements of the society.


SMS Services


In 1997, text message advertising was still at the beginning of its journey and was not known well. At that time, I developed the idea of designing bulk texting software. Even after 10 or 11 years, this software is still one of the most enduring and the bests in the mass messaging market. Technical experts helped us in this way. So, we could make a good progress.


Online site builder


The startups and small businesses with a low budget are always concerned about having an appropriate website of their own. That’s why we tried to develop a native and Iranian website builder. Accordingly, we worked with talented specialists and programmers to represent a unique product. “Rayo” was born this way.


Online pet shop application


Recently, there are so many people having pets in Iran. A little while back, people did not have access to pet shops. So, developing an application that is able to represent pet shops based on their geographical location seemed to be a good idea. In addition, this app allows online purchases and ordering from any of those pet shops. This app is available for Android and iOS platforms.


Digital Marketing


Obviously, presence in internet and digital world is intense and competitive today. There are still some gaps in this area that are mainly due to the lack of quality. We tried to eliminate those gaps with the idea of launching a set of digital marketing portfolio (Deniper).


Iran Travel guide


During my relatively long trips, I became familiar with the tourists’ overwhelming concerns. I got acquainted with shortcomings in tourism industry and I found what to do to help that. Thus, we as members of Faradade decided to develop a website ( and help the iran tourists through its comprehensive information.


Home-based application


As home-based businesses had never been supported, they are using social media platforms to sell their products. So, we decided to design an application (Shappino) and offer it to home-based and small businesses. Currently, we are working on this project and trying to develop it as soon as possible.


App for coffee-shops-on-wheels


It’s been a while I’m seeing so many coffee shops on wheels around Tehran. It made me think about designing and developing an application that represents the location of those coffee shops. In such a way, we can find those coffee shops around us. But, for many reasons this project still is on process and needs to be more examined.


Photo Printing Application


Having access to an application which prints the images on smart phones was the main idea for developing “Chopstick”. The app is written for both Android and iOS platforms. But, for some reasons it is still developing and requires more assessments.