I started Dharma to promote general intellectual and educational levels, familiarity, mindfulness exercises, self-help, self-learning, and self-development. ‎

‎Dharma foundation was founded based on compassion, kindness, and cooperation. Accordingly, all podcasts produced in the Dharma are offered completely free of charge, and no advertising is accepted. ‎

‎We believe that meditation without education is not enough and that teaching and improving the level of individual knowledge and contemplation together can be more efficient and useful. ‎

‎Dharma has no religious, ideological, and political orientation, and all the materials presented are based on scientific issues, far from superstitious and unfounded beliefs. ‎

Meditation Podcast

Meditation has been attributed to reducing stress, correcting sleeping issues, helping manage anger, and in general, becoming a better person. These, however, are just a small fraction of the benefits one can receive from meditating. The true goal of meditating is to awaken. You will be provided with different meditation techniques in different chapters so that you can select the style that best suits you.
Being awake means being fully present and connected to oneself, to the universe, and nature. It is truly a worthwhile endeavor.

Psychology and Medical Podcast

We are facing and dealing with some issues during our daily life. Not everyone of them is solvable neither not all of us aware of what should we do. It may be health issue for a time or it may mental issues. Dharma clinic talks about these issues with doctors, Psychologists and experts to help everyone solve them and have great and better life.

Motivational Podcast

Everyone need encouragements to be successful and happy in their life. One way to give people this, is to introduce them to successful and professional ones who had great experiences in their lives and can share it with others. This helps to enlighten the path for whom they are trying to make their lives better. Dharma Motivation is based on interviews with successful entrepreneurs, experts and people to share how they look to their lives and help the audiences to think and look different to their daily lives.

Meditation and stories for children

Dharma kids with the approach of practicing the basic techniques of concentration and awareness of the moment is now designed to teach children a powerful tool for relaxation step by step. Training the kids to have more concentration helps next generation to be more successful and have better life style.