Dharma Motivation

Motivation and Technology Podcast

Dharma, a collection of podcasts dedicated to improving physical and mental health and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Dharma was founded with the goal of fostering personal growth and enhancing public education. In our motivational podcasts, we aim to engage with entrepreneurs, successful individuals, and deep thinkers, both in their professional pursuits and in the realm of self-discovery and life perspectives.

The Dharma podcast is divided into two main formats: interviews and discussions. In our interview episodes, we explore individuals' work and their thought processes, while our discussions involve two-way interactions, exchange of ideas, and spontaneous conversations.

Moreover, Dharma features podcasts that delve into the realms of artificial intelligence and startups, covering topics ranging from the ideation process to the execution of a startup. We explore the stages of startup growth, engage with experts and individuals who have firsthand experience in the startup world, and discuss various aspects of startup culture.