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Mental and Physical Health Podcast

Dharma Clinic is your trusted resource for a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Our expert-led podcast series dives into the heart of physical and mental well-being, focusing on topics often neglected in traditional education. Each enlightening episode features a distinguished specialist sharing their insights on a wide range of subjects, from nutrition and fitness to psychological health and disease prevention.
We've created Dharma Clinic to provide you with reliable, evidence-based knowledge that empowers you to take charge of your own health. Our conversations unravel complex health matters, transforming them into practical wisdom you can apply in everyday life.
At Dharma Clinic, we believe that understanding the fundamental aspects of health is crucial to living a fulfilling life. We're committed to bridging the information gap, illuminating lesser-known aspects of health, and fostering a more informed, health-conscious society.
Join us at Dharma Clinic, where we explore the nexus of health and lifestyle, and empower you on your journey towards holistic well-being.