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The Secret Of Unity (2022)

The secret of unity is a fiction novel in the genre of magical realism. This book has a mystical theme and a philosophy of Tao or None-Duality. The book begins in Russia in 2021 with a slow rhythm from the first-person perspective of a man named Alex.  Alex is a pharmacist working in a laboratory in the Siberian region of Russia. Once the coronavirus starts, the lab is asked to work on a fungus called Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Alex and his colleague Irina, a neuroscientist, accidentally discover a hallucinogenic compound while researching the fungus, which allows one to experience another person's perceptual and emotional experience.  This substance arouses the curiosity of both of them and they start using it in different situations and share their experiences.

This book has sexual content and is not suitable for people under 18 years old.


Next mutation (2021)

Next mutation selection is a non-fictional book about the future of mating selection with a look at human history, far and near.  
This book provides predictions based on scientific and statistical studies that can give a new perspective to the reader on the past, present, and future of this topic.  
The approach of this book is based on artificial intelligence and how it affects human life and the presented analyzes are the result of the study, research, and thinking and thus provide predictions.


Superhuman (2020)

Superhuman is a book in the sci-fi genre that is narrated from a third-person angle. This book takes place in two present and future times, and sometimes it has flashbacks to the past and memories of the first character of the story, Rubin. During the story, scientific issues about quantum physics, computer science, and artificial intelligence have been raised, and the author takes you on a not-so-imaginative journey in the future to get a glimpse of what might happen to us soon through a story. In addition, we can find spiritual and philosophical issues that are embedded in different layers of the story. Superhuman is not only a science fiction story of the future and technology, but it also narrates the existential philosophy of man and the path that is traversing to become superhuman. This story can also be looked at from another angle that refers to human desperation in technology and contemplates.


Playing With Death (2019)

"Playing with Death" is a fictional novel which is written in a method of “stream of consciousness”.
But according to the author, this book was written in a “Recursive Way” which was invented by the author himself and has not been published in such a general style before.
In this novel, time is constantly flying between the past and the present. The perspective of this story is from a first-person viewpoint, which is moving from one to another. The novel is about the events happening to an anesthetist during a coma. He returns to his normal life. But he finds that people he met during anesthesia are real. They had some common experiences in an “Asynchrony”. The curiosity of the physician causes some excitement that makes him scared. The main character has changed during the story and after that, the story continues in another atmosphere that is pictured pending a coma. This section asks about philosophical issues that deeply affect the reader’s mind and takes him with it. The sections are short and they are not totally related to each other at first glance. But after a while, the reader realizes the deep relationship and the mainstream of the story.


Arctic Circle (2016)

The Arctic Circle is a novel with a theme of social issues and anomalies in which two parallel stories take place simultaneously. In the first part of this book, Ali is the narrator of a person who has just returned from a trip, and the story depicts his daily events from the point of view of the first person.
But in the second part, where the story is told from a third-person perspective, it is the story of a group that traveled to the Arctic Circle and the northernmost region of Europe to see the Aurora. The author eventually gently connects the two stories.
In the Arctic Circle novel, the trip's details are depicted as a travelogue to get acquainted with the different regions of the Scandinavian countries and their culture.