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Playing With Death

"Playing with Death" is a fictional novel which is written in a method of “stream of consciousness”.
But according to the author, this book was written in a “Recursive Way” which was invented by the author himself and has not been published in such a general style before.
In this novel, time is constantly flying between the past and the present. The perspective of this story is from a first-person viewpoint, which is moving from one to another. The novel is about the events happening to an anesthetist during a coma. He returns to his normal life. But he finds that people he met during anesthesia are real. They had some common experiences in an “Asynchrony”. The curiosity of the physician causes some excitement that makes him scared. The main character has changed during the story and after that, the story continues in another atmosphere that is pictured pending a coma. This section asks about philosophical issues that deeply affect the reader’s mind and takes him with it. The sections are short and they are not totally related to each other at first glance. But after a while, the reader realizes the deep relationship and the mainstream of the story.


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Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is a novel with a theme of social issues and anomalies in which two parallel stories take place simultaneously. In the first part of this book, Ali is the narrator of a person who has just returned from a trip, and the story depicts his daily events from the point of view of the first person.
But in the second part, where the story is told from a third-person perspective, it is the story of a group that traveled to the Arctic Circle and the northernmost region of Europe to see the Aurora. The author eventually gently connects the two stories.
In the Arctic Circle novel, the trip's details are depicted as a travelogue to get acquainted with the different regions of the Scandinavian countries and their culture.