Ali Delshad Tehrani is a philosopher, tech entrepreneur, and visionary novelist, celebrated for his intellectual curiosity and commitment to bridging technology, spirituality, and human psychology. His professional odyssey commenced in the tech industry, where he excelled in web programming and quickly advanced to roles such as CTO before establishing several forward-thinking startups.

Armed with an MBA and extensive expertise in software engineering, Ali has shown a remarkable ability to lead, innovate, and scale initiatives across both technological and wellness domains. His profound interest in neuroscience and philosophy, currently enhanced by studying neurophilosophy, complements his work, enriching his philosophical explorations with scientific insights.

Ali is the founder of Dharma Podcasts, where he engages a global audience in meaningful conversations about mental and physical health, cultivating a community devoted to mindful living and personal evolution. His literary works, including titles like The Secret of Unity and Super Human, weave compelling narratives at the intersection of spirituality and science fiction, captivating readers around the world in multiple languages.

Driven by a belief in resilience, the transformative power of experience, and a passion for philosophical inquiry, Ali invites you to join him on this enlightening journey through the vast landscapes of technology, health, spirituality, and literature—a path marked by innovation, insight, and endless exploration.