I’m a novelist, tech entrepreneur, and host of Dharma Podcasts.

I’ve studied statistics at Allameh Tabataba'i University and after a while started to study software engineering and programming at the same time.

3x founder, but 5x failure, leaving me well-versed in what not to do after 10 years as a startup founder.
Started as a web programmer, initially with C# on ASP.NET for more than 5 yrs, then grew up and into a CTO role along with several years as a code monkey, solving first-world problems that I could think up.
For the second time, I grew up and started my own company after three times failures in gathering a team.
After many experiences and educating MBA in IMI Business School, learned to use the entrepreneurial drive and skills that come from failing, to build impactful companies.
For the past few years, my focus has been on strategy and business development, entrepreneurship, being an early-stage Angel Investor, writing books, and mindful life with meditation.
Most of 
my time is spent researching, reading, writing books, and producing Dharma Podcasts.

I am very interested in investing in startups in the field of AI. Currently running some startups in this field, and I am ready to invest in new ideas from those who can implement them.