I am an enterprising tech entrepreneur, imaginative novelist, and the stimulating host of Dharma Podcasts. My professional voyage has been a fascinating blend of technology, literature, mental and physical health, and spirituality, resulting in a rich tapestry of experiences and insights.
My foray into the professional world started with mastering web programming and C# on ASP.NET, equipping me with a robust understanding of the technological landscape. From there, my career advanced into the role of a CTO, where I was able to further refine my problem-solving skills and deepen my technical comprehension.
This journey eventually led me to establish my own company. I learned to navigate the complex corridors of team building and leadership, with each experience lending its weight to the lessons I acquired. In concert with my MBA degree, these real-world experiences helped shape my entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to build companies with lasting impact.
As a novelist, my narratives reside at the intersection of spirituality and science fiction, exploring the contours of imagination and provoking thought in my readers. Concurrently, I've turned my attention to mental and physical health through Dharma Podcasts, engaging a worldwide audience with vital conversations and insights.
My recent pursuits also include diving into the intricate field of Neuroscience, pushing my intellectual boundaries and expanding my understanding of the human mind.
With a firm belief in resilience and the power of experience, my mission is to inspire, connect, and ignite innovation. As I continue to traverse the vast landscapes of technology, health, spirituality, and literature, I welcome you to join me in this exciting journey.

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